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Key Milestone

We are looking forward to expand our international footprint to other countries


  1. February 1997

    Mr Ong Yoke En, our Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer acquired Orientus Industry Sdn Bhd and started private label manufacturing for a wide range of household detergent products and started exporting to Singapore.

  2. January 1998

    We secured a major private labelling contract, namely Elephant Glue, and started private label manufacturing for a wide range of household

  3. March 2001

    Commenced exports of superglue blister packs to the United States of America, Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

  4. January 2005

    2015 was a landmark year as we started to reduce our private label manufacturing activities and began a directional change by refocusing our efforts towards proprietary manufacturing including the development of our own spray paints products and established our first proprietary brand, “Samurai”.

  5. September 2006

    In 2006, we opened marketing offices in Sabah and Sarawak. Shortly thereafter, sales of “Samurai” branded products commenced in both the East Malaysian states.

  6. September 2008

    Branding, marketing, sales and distribution of “Samurai” branded products were further strengthened in Malaysia and neighboring countries around the region.

  7. December 2009

    We acquired paint-mixing and manufacturing know-how and formulations from Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

  8. June 2010

    We started selling in Indonesia after setting up an office in Jakarta, with the incorporation of PT Samurai Paint.

  9. March 2011

    Samurai Paint (UK) Limited was incorporated to start our marketing our products in the United Kingdom.

    August 2011

    We expanded our supplier network from Malaysia to include The People’s Republic of China, and Supreme Wish Holdings Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in August to act as the procurement office liaising with PRC suppliers.

  10. February 2012

    Established our business footing in the United Kingdom with the exports of our “Canbrush” brand of aerosol spray can paint line.

  11. January 2015

    A proprietary 2K-In-a-Can aerosol spray system was developed, allowing Samurai 2K to pack two components – hardener as well as paint – into one aerosol can ready for mixing when required by the user. This original 2015 version is equipped with two heads.

    February 2015

    We were awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification, an internationally recognised quality standard by The Governing Board of Q.A. International Certification Limited for meeting ISO standards in the manufacture of our aerosol paints.

  12. March 2016

    A soft launch of another proprietary version of our 2K-In-a-Can aerosol spray system was made in early 2016. This second version requires just a single head instead of the earlier dual head version. The design is unique and Samurai 2K has since been granted numerous patents around the world for it.

  13. January 2017

    Our Company was listed in Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”).

  14. March 2018

    Samurai 2K obtained patents for its single head 2K aerosol spray can system in the United States of America.

    April 2018

    Canada granted the patents for the single head 2K aerosol can system to Samurai 2K.



  15. April 2019

    The Group was awarded more patents for its single head 2K aerosol spray can system design, this time by Singapore and New Zealand.