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Key Management

Ms Sia Shu Yee

Chief Financial Officer

Ms Sia Shu Yee joined our Group in August 2015 as Chief Financial Officer and re-position to Chief Process Officer in November 2017 and Acting Chief Financial Officer in July 2018. She is again appointed as Chief Financial Officer in May 2019. Currently, Ms Sia is overall in charge of Group’s financial, management, accounting, treasury, taxation, investor relations and other corporate compliance matters reports to our CEO.

Mr Voon Kian Woon

General Manager (Finance)

Mr Voon Kian Woon joined our Group in September 2014. Currently, Mr Voon relocated to USA subsidiary and is in charge to oversea the business operation, preparing financial statements and business activity reports of Samurai 2K USA.

Ms Lee Siong Kim

General Manager (Indonesia)

Ms Lee Siong Kim joined our group in 2011. Ms Lee has more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. Currently, she oversea the business operations and sales performance of PT Samurai Paint.

Ms Puah Thye Lay

Sales Director

Ms Puah Thye Lay joined our Group in 2009. Ms Puah has approximately 20 years of sales experience. As Sales Director, Ms Puah is in charge of the sales department and is currently involved in the training of our Group’s sales team in a few countries.

Parantaman E. Krishnan Naidu

Regional Operation Director

Mr Parantaman E. Krishnan Naidu joined our Group in 2017 as Factory Manager in charge of monitoring and managing the whole production activities to ensure the products are meeting the specification, delivery target and company target. He is promoted as Regional Operation Director in June 2019 and currently he is responsible for the commercial excellence operation for South Asia (ie: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Middle East).

Mr Chang Chien Fatt

International Sales & Marketing Director

Mr Chang Chien Fatt joined our group in July 2018. Mr Chang has 25 years of sales experience. In our Group, Mr Chang is responsible for the market development and strategy of untapped countries.