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History at a glance

The group started in 1997 by providing contract manufacturing services. However, from very early on, the Group’s products enjoyed an international reach and was soon recognized as a private label manufacturer (OEM) with four main product segments: These include adhesives, aerosol products , household detergent and industrial cleaning chemicals.

From the early days, the group was part of an international supply chain where its products were exported to North America, Europe and ASEAN.

The group then chose to focus on its own proprietary brand aerosol products as its key driver where various Research & Development (R&D) initiatives have led it to its current market positioning.

2005 was a landmark year. Samurai 2K began a strategic change in direction, from private label activities to proprietary manufacturing including establishing its first inhouse brand, “Samurai.”

The Group then extended its sales network beyond Peninsular Malaysia in 2006 into Sabah and Sarawak to better service its customers located in those regions.

In 2008, Samurai 2K consolidated its branding, marketing, sales and distribution of Samurai” products further, with greater emphasis and participations in trade fairs, exhibitions, advertising and promotional activities to both retailers and end-users.

Following the success of “Samurai” aerosol spray paint, the Group started integrating its paint formulation with aerosol can packaging processes.

Then, in 2010, PT Samurai Paint was incorporated in Jakarta, marking the commencement of the Group’s entry into South East Asia’s largest economy.

In 2011, the Group established another brand, “Canbrush,” aimed at the household aerosol spray paint segment in the United Kingdom.

The Group achieved a major breakthrough in 2015 with the commercialization of our own patented 2K-In-a-Can aerosol spray system which improves the user friendliness of an existing technology. A 2K aerosol can system allows packing two separate components – paint and hardener – into a single can yet allowing easy activation by mixing the components together as and when as and when it is ready for use.

The following year in 2016, the Group launched an improved version of the 2K system. A single head 2K aerosol spray-can system instead of our earlier dual head aerosol system for our 2K products.

A 2K Single Head aerosol spray-can system provides even better performance in terms of spraying and can only be discharged when both paint and hardener are thoroughly mixed. In contrast, a two head 2K aerosol can system allows the paint to be discharged even when the hardener and paint have yet been mixed properly.